Thermona: Gas boilers, electric boilers and cascade boiler rooms

Thermona: Gas boilers, electric boilers and cascade boiler rooms

Gas boilers, electric boilers and cascade boiler rooms Thermona, spol. s r.o. is a leading manufacturer of wall-mounted gas boilers, gas condensing boilers and electric boilers.We have dealt in white products since 1990 and throughout this time have been a modern and dynamically developing company.Our THERM products are proof that we fulfil all directives and standards and are subject to consistent output inspections.Boiler Rooms - Thermona - Gas boilers, electric boilers Gas and Electric boiler rooms. The cascade boiler room system consists in connecting several smaller suspended boilers that communicate with one another thanks to sophisticated regulation, thus providing trouble-free operation.The boiler room operates as one unit with the advantage of a broad range of modulation, which is the ability to work from the minimum output of one boiler, to the total

Advantages of cascade boiler rooms - ThermonaA cascade boiler room is the ideal solution for residential gas boiler rooms.A household gas boiler in the form of Thermona cascade boiler will not only help to reduce gas consumption by 5 0% but also reduce electricity consumption by using low-energy pumps. The return on investment is very fast due to the large savings and is undoubtedly a major advantage.

Electric boilers - Thermona - Gas boilers, electric THERM electric boilers operate in a hot water heating system in the same way as gas boilers with burners. The regulation of an electric boiler is very similar. Regulators are the same as those used to regulate boilers and heating. An electric boiler can be used as universal source of heating in flats, small family houses and recreational objects.

Thermona – The advantage of cascade boilers EN - YouTubeMore information on cascade boiler rooms, various types of boiler and other sources of heating can be found at www The video was produced by the television and advertising company TVF 2018-2019 - ThermonaStorage tanks for indirect heating of water Condensing boilers Electric boilers THERMONA solar systems Boilers with the option to connect to a cascade Equithermal regulation Communication between the boiler and the regulator by OpenTherm+ protocol Regulation of gas boilers, electric boilers and cascade boiler rooms Exhaustion of burnt gases for

Gas condensing boilers - Thermona - Gas boilers, electric The boiler will operate at a lower temperature of heating water, so the room does not overheat. More info Condensing boilers with a higher heat output are mostly used in cascade boiler rooms where they are recommended for use in the heating systems in flats and industrial buildings , i.e. in buildings with higher heat losses.

Only for heating - ThermonaThe outdated gas boiler in the existing heating system can also be replaced. More info For residential units and industrial buildings with large heat losses, this series of boilers is supplied in the Thermona cascade boiler room version.Condensing Boiler Series and New Products - ThermonaThe CLASSIC Condens gas condensing boiler series includes boilers that operate with natural gas or propane, designed for central heating and household water heating. We are currently offering three output series – 28 kW, 45 kW and 90 kW. These are condensing boilers with an attested and reliable design for heating larger objects.This type of boilers is also ideal for condensing cascade

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