Orometal • Steam boilers

Orometal • Steam boilers

Orometal • Steam boilersKARA Energy Systems / Almelo, The Netherlands TDR d.o.o. / Rovinj/Kanfanar Varteks d.d. / VaradinOrometal • Steam boilersAt the beginning of July 2013th TPK OROMETAL started operation of the steam boiler fired on wood chips in Solana Pag on the island of Pag . This is the first plant produced , installed and put into operation by us on teritory of Croatia , and done in collaboration with partners from Slovenia with a portion of domestic production with more than Orometal • Steam boilersClient . Country. Product. Year. UHDE Inventa - Fischer AG BERLIN. GERMANY. Blow down vessel (exchanger) 39E95. 2012. PETROKEMIJA d.d. KUTINA. CROATIA. Heat Orometal • Steam boilersSteam boilers Kubaeqypos / Kuba. Previous NextOrometal • Steam boilersThe boiler was equipped for complety automatic operation in accordance with TRD 604/72 directive We have also supplied thermal water treatment, chemical treatment of water based on reverse osmosis, Weishaupt burner to burn natural gas and the extra light fuel oil, steam valves, complete pipeline, chimney.

Orometal • Steam boilersouter diameter: 1252 mm: lenght between TL.: 28500 mm: head shape: torispherical HRN M.E2.021: total height: 33240 mm: volume: 33,8 m3: weight, empty: 25800 kg

Orometal • Steam boilersWith Croatian biggest textile industry we have signed contract for delivery and installation of steam boiler with capacity of 16 t7h, working pressure 13 bar and superheater up to 250°C. Tolerenaces for superheated steam are +-5°C.

TPK OROMETAL d.d. - company TPK OROMETAL d.d. on location TPK OROMETAL d.d. is situated in Oroslavje for the production of steam boilers and boiler plants of complete, pressure tanks and heat exchangers. Radiators, water heaters, central heating boilers, Power devices and systems

Steam Boilers Heavy Fuel Oil SystemOrometal • Steam boilers. Delivery also included thermical and chemical water treatment, steam manifold, pressure condensate tank, chemical treatment of water Q = 5 m³ / h . The reconstruction of existing tank of fuel oil and heavy fuel oil circulation system . Delivered a complete measurement and control equipment designed system of

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